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We’re Grew Studio, a specialist search engine optimisation agency from Lodnon. We’re dedicated to providing unrivalled SEO services that get results for small and medium-sized businesses. We’ll get you more traffic, more leads and more sales.

What’s Involved in Search Engine Optimisation?

1. Keyword Research

As a first step determine a shortlist of the most effective keywords to rank the website for and carry out a technical onsite review:

  • Creation of an initial keyword list based upon client preference & internal target audience brainstorm.
  • Expansion to create a larger list using relevant competitor research & advanced keyword tools.
  • Refinement of keywords based upon metrics including searches per month, relevance, and average difficulty to rank/competition in search results.
  • Grouping of keywords into similar terms and creation of a final shortlist.

2. Onsite SEO Review

We need to understand any issues that may be holding the site back, to
do this we will carry out an in-depth analysis of the website and from this
will create our SEO strategy. Below states some of the areas that our review will include but is not limited to:

  • Site Loading Speeds — Google will score your site based on its
    loading speed among many other factors. A slow load speed could
    lead to poor user engagement and poor ranking positions
  • Metadata review — A look at sitewide titles and descriptions to find any that may be blank, duplicated or too long.
  • Broken Links — A full site scrape to find any broken links that could potentially lead to index and crawl issues.
  • Image Alt Tag review — Alt tags are used if the image cannot be displayed for whatever reason, whether it be because the user is visually impaired or because there is a poor connection.
  • Schema Mark-up Review — Schema allows users to get the most informative information from Search Engines. A review will allow us to ensure that the relevant Schema is in place and working correctly.

3. Onsite optimization

Once keywords have been determined we need to determine the appropriate landing pages and optimize those pages for the chosen keywords:

  • Keyword Ranking Page Review — Are the pages that are currently
    ranking the most relevant for the keyword? If not, do we need to create
    new and more appropriate landing pages?
  • Assignment of keyword groups to a suitable ranking landing page on the site
  • Optimisation of landing pages for themed keywords in the on-page content, header tags, & meta tags.
  • Dev work where required to create/optimise landing pages for user flow and UX.
  • Set up of analytics tracking, including proper goal set up and visitor tracking to gain insights into visitor behaviour.
  • During this phase, where appropriate, we perform onsite optimization tasks to optimize the website, and fix any issues that we found in our initial research.

4. Ongoing ranking improvement and maintenance, conversion optimization & link building

  • On-going keyword monitoring and optimisation. Our initial keyword research will give us a broad range of keywords that we will monitor, and these will allow us to have a good overview of what is moving up and what areas need a boost. Our workload will be based on the performance of these keywords and will change based on results.
  • Google Search Console Review — The Search Console gives us a
    Google’s Eye View of the website and we any crawl errors, Schema
    Errors or 404 errors will be flagged here. We need to monitor this and
    make any fixes where necessary.
  • Ongoing user engagement monitoring on both desktop & mobile, followed by informed UX-based page improvements Where necessary, optimised content updates to maintain freshness score and increase relevance and rankings in search results.
  • Link outreach and link building to build websit domain authority in order to boost organic SEO rankings.

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What Do Our SEO Agency Services Include?

Significant organic traffic growth can be transformational. We’ve helped clients grow from five to eight figures using SEO alone. But this sort of growth requires time, patience, and a wide variety of techniques.

Our SEO strategy involves a range of technical work, analysis and creative input, and the team working on your campaign will reflect the diversity of the tasks. From the research, planning and technical on-site optimisation to the creation of new content targeting ideal buyer personas at different stages of the buyer journey, every’s SEO campaign is designed specifically for the client based on what’s required to get the fastest ROI.

SEO Auditing

Your dedicated SEO Strategist will hunt out optimisation opportunities on your website. Once they’ve finished auditing, they’ll get stuck in working through optimisations in highest priority order.

Our SEO audits pick up everything from bad links that could be damaging your website’s authority, to technical issues holding your website’s rankings back.

Keyword Research

Keyword research has moved on a lot since the days of exact match domains, but what’s more important than ever is understanding the searcher’s intent.

Our keyword research identifies the commercial terms likely to lead to revenue and the informational terms that indicate a potential buyer in the early stages of their search.

Analytics Set-up and Auditing

Analytics data is the best way to understand what is working well and not so well for a website.

Your SEO Specialist will audit your existing analytics setup, and make sure your tracking is working properly to deliver the insights you need as we start work.

Page Optimisation

We’ll optimise your website’s pages for the most profitable keywords for your business. We map the most relevant keywords for each page to prevent keyword cannibalisation and hyper-target pages for search.

Unlike the days of crude keyword stuffing, Google and your website’s visitors expect sophisticated and appropriate keyword usage. We weave keywords seamlessly into page titles, meta descriptions, CTA, links and body content to optimise without compromise.

Backlink Analysis

While links can help a site’s ranking; unfortunately, some links can do more harm than good. Spammy, low-quality links — purchased from shady agencies or providers that don’t care about quality as much as volume — can hold a site’s ranking back.

During an SEO campaign, your SEO professional will audit your existing backlinks and determine whether any need to be removed or disavowed (ignored by Google).

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves the more complicated side of SEO. We’ll get under the bonnet of your website to make tweaks and implement schema markup.

Technical SEO includes improving a website’s crawlability — how easy it is for web crawlers to navigate and crawl a site. Improving the usability and crawlability of your website can lead to page loading time improvements too.

Competitor Research

Links are still highly relevant in SEO and are incredibly powerful for improving the ranking of a website.

Rather than focusing on link volume, your SEO and Content Marketing Specialists will focus on contextually-relevant, authoritative links. These links establish your brand’s expertise and authority while getting you in front of your target audience.

Content Creation

New content may be needed to target the searches your audience is making, particularly if you’re in a competitive niche or your website is a long way behind competitors.

Your SEO Campaign Team will have both an SEO and a Content Marketing Specialist working in tandem to find new ranking opportunities and create new content designed to rank and convert.

Link Building

New content may be needed to target the searches your audience is making, particularly if you’re in a competitive niche or your website is a long way behind competitors.

Your SEO Campaign Team will have both an SEO and a Content Marketing Specialist working in tandem to find new ranking opportunities and create new content designed to rank and convert.

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Why We’re Not Your Typical SEO Agency

Growing your revenue is probably more important than increasing “organic visibility” or “press mentions”, right?

SEO metrics and coverage are great signposts that tell you we’re going in the right direction, but we believe first and foremost that digital marketing should be an investment rather than a cost. That’s why all of our campaigns are built around one thing: maximum ROI for you, as quickly as possible.

But focusing on ROI over geekery is not the only way that we’re different.

No Nerdy and Complex SEO Jargon

You shouldn’t need a Masters in SEO Gibberish to understand what your agency is talking about. We’re fans of plain English because if you can’t explain something using everyday words, you don’t really understand it. If you want to learn more about SEO or digital marketing, then your Account Manager will always be at hand to answer all of your questions.

No Long Contracts!

We don’t believe in “trapping” clients in year-long contracts. Instead, we focus on creating long-term plans with gradual quarterly goals that bring you step-by-step closer to your annual business goals. It can take three to six months for SEO campaigns to bear the fruit of our labour, so we ask all our SEO clients to be aware of this when they come on board, and sign a rolling short-term contract. We prefer to let our work and results do the retention, not solicitors.

No Boring SEO Reports That Send You to Sleep

Many SEO agencies will download automated reports at the end of each month and email them straight over. We don’t; it’s a waste of the Internet. At, we create a monthly report that shows you what has been accomplished on your campaign, how we achieved this — and how our work is bringing you closer to your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is the process of improving a website’s content, so it is more visible to search engines like Google. This practice is also common for each of the major search engines, including Bing, Yandex, and Baidu. SEO involves the improvement — or “optimisation” — of a page’s headings, text copy, images, page title and meta description. It also optimises links to internal and external web pages.

SEO improvements to a page used to focus on cramming repeat keyword use into the page’s text and dramatically increasing backlinks to a website in the hundreds and thousands.

Today, at, we focus on putting our clients’ customers first. We create authoritative content that provides the best possible answer to the questions a client’s customers are asking. We also make sure content is easily accessible for desktop and mobile users, helping to steer your website’s design towards a usability-first focus. This focus has the dual benefit of making web pages better at converting users and faster to load.

The results of well-practised search engine optimisation services will be a website ranking at the top of Google — and an increase in organic traffic and leads or sales.

The advantage of using our SEO service is you will have immediate access to experts in multiple digital marketing disciplines.

Your SEO campaign will include three core team members: your Project Manager, an SEO Specialist, and a Content Marketing Specialist.

Depending on your needs, you will also have access to a range of Designers, Developers, Copywriters, Social Media Specialists, and PPC Specialists. These Specialists can be brought into your campaign to match your needs. Beyond consultation, these additional experts will require add-on services.

Your Project Manager will be your point of contact at our company. They will speak with you regularly, via email and phone calls. These briefs will cover forthcoming and completed work and any opportunities that may arise.

You’ll stay in the loop by talking to your Project Manager, viewing your campaign dashboard and through monthly reports. Your Project Manager will provide you with regular, weekly updates, calling or emailing you — depending on your preference and what works for your schedule.

Your Campaign Team will comprise of several marketing experts from within our agency, each working on an element of your SEO campaign. Rather than you having to talk with each one and agree what work needs to be done, your Project Manager will communicate with them on your behalf so that we’re all heading towards hitting your company’s yearly growth targets.

You will have unlimited access to your Project Manager, just as long as your monthly campaign hours are not exceeded. Communication is important, but only completed work can deliver results. Your Project Manager will conduct quarterly campaign check-ups with the team to ensure the campaign is on track or to increase goals if they’ve already been met for the year.

You will also receive a report each month that details the work completed and the state of your website’s ranking, traffic, and conversions.

The reality is, search engine optimisation can take several months to deliver improved ranking, increased traffic, and so increase conversions. The exact time it takes will depend on how hotly contested the search results are between competitor domains, how far behind your site is and the amount of SEO work we’re doing for you. Perhaps counter-intuitively, it’s often websites with the most low-hanging fruit, making some basic SEO mistakes that can see the fastest improvements.

Improvements generally occur after three months of consecutive SEO work, with significant gains occurring between six and twelve months later.

We stress that while SEO is a long-term strategy, it offers an excellent return on investment for many high-growth businesses as organic traffic for commercial searches typically has a very high conversion rate.

Yes, of course. We don’t have long contracts with sticky clauses. All we ask is for 30-days’ notice. That allows us to tie up the loose ends and prepare all the data we’ve collected for handover to you.

Get a Free Review of Your Website

Our expert Digital Marketers are waiting to review your website and marketing.

They’ll review your marketing efforts and suggest SEO priorities to hit your goals.